Decal Pack

Decal Pack

These water and weatherproof decals will last forever whether they're on your laptop, car, or a stop sign. Only way to get them off is to peel away each individual letter. And there's 30 of them so you can just like, go crazy. And maybe even still have some left to share with others. Or whatever.

Pack of 30
2" x 4" Glossy Black Attack Anxiety Vinyl Decals
It fits nicely on a piece of regular duct tape as you can see in the picture here. I cut, peel, transfer tape, and cut (again) each decal myself.


1. Peel the clear/blue grid transfer tape away from the white paper backing.
You will probably have to give it a firm rub from the outside, in case some letters don't immediately peel away with the transfer tape.

2. Stick the decal and transfer tape on whatever you wanna stick it on.
Some surfaces are better than others. It helps to wipe the surface down with some cleaning stuff or even just water before sticking. After sticking rub it in and make sure all the individual letters have been pressed against the surface.

Peel away the clear stuff and leave just the black decal. They're easier to stick in warmer weather. Sticking them in public places is also cooler.

-$5 US Shipping / $25 International
-I’ll usually have your order shipped within 7 days and you will get a shipping email with tracking number once it’s been accepted by the post office.
-Shipped in a padded mailing envelope with stickers and a handwritten note.